Drivio & Covid

Since the resumption of driving lessons on the 4th of July, Drivio has completed safe, secure and effective lessons. Your safety is paramount to us and by following these simple steps, we can robustly protect your welfare.

From the 24th of July, the government’s health secretary Matt Hancock announced that masks will be mandatory when entering shops and supermarkets. Following the advice of the UK’s Driving Instructor’s Association, Drivio is advocating that both instructors and learners follow the health and safety protocols outlined below.

Face Masks 

Drivio insists that both instructors and learners follow UK guidelines and wear a face mask at all times during your driving lesson. The World Health Organisation states that non-medical face coverings should be worn where social distancing is not possible. 

Vehicle Sanitation

Drivio instructors are expected to prepare the car for each individual lesson and wipe down the steering wheel before each student. Hand sanitisers are an extremely effective method to reduce transmission so both driving teachers and students should take the necessary precautions.

Hand Washing & Symptom-Free

The Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) and National Association Strategic Partnerships (NASP) advises people to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before getting into the car. Before the start of each lesson, both the instructors and the students must declare themselves as symptom free. 

Gloves, PPE and Further Precautionary Methods

Other precautionary steps that can be taken include disposable gloves, face shields, sanitary wipes are all encouraged by Drivio to ensure a driving lesson without any unnecessary concern. 

Other Important Covid 19 Details

The DVSA announced last month that cancelled tests would be rescheduled for essential workers including NHS, teaching and supermarket staff from 6 July.

Thank you for reading this article, we can’t wait to get you on the road!