Fast track booking

Fast track test booking is now available

Finding time for a driving test booking has now become a tricky task due to the shortage of slots. The huge backlog of driving tests has increased demand and learners find themselves waiting on a test date for a very long time.

But it's not all that bad! Between April and December 2021, more than 41,000 driving tests were cancelled alone. Drivio can now search for test cancellations and secure the soonest test date available for learners.

Are you ready for your driving test but can't find a date?

Wait no longer and let Drivio find one for you. You can now secure your test date via the Drivio app.

How does it work?

Book a fast track driving test on the Drivio app and we will take over the stress and search for the soonest test day that matches what you looking for. The test will be booked automatically, and you will receive a notification once it has been booked.

Set a time period you want to book your driving test

Set a distance from your pick up location

Choose driving test centres that suit you best

100% Refund Guaranteed

Rest assured that you will receive a full refund if Drivio cannot book a test based on your preferences or the expected dates set.

It's that simple. Wait no longer and let Drivio take control.

What we will need to book your test

Your details: Your provisional licence number, theory test certificate number.

How soon do you want your test: We will search for all available tests during the time period you set.

The type of test you need: Auto or Manual

Your location and distance you are willing to travel for your test: We will search for availability in all test centres included in your distance set. You will be able to remove test centres where you do not wish to take your test.