How will I be paid?

During the registration process, we ask you to provide us with your bank account details. We require your account number and sort code and this will be used to process any payments to you.

Payments for completed lessons are processed to instructors daily (weekdays at 9 pm). Payments will include a total amount for lessons that have been completed 24 hours earlier.

Drivio offers two options of payouts – ‘Standard Payouts’ and ‘Fast Payouts’.

Standard Payouts: Payments take 3-5 working days to appear in your bank account, but usually, this does arrive sooner. There’s no transaction fee for standard payouts.

Fast Payouts: Payments take up to 1 hour to appear in your bank account from the time the payment is processed (usually it takes a couple of minutes only). 1.7% transaction fee applied.