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I can’t make the lesson, what do I do?

If something has popped up and you really can’t make it to the lesson, you should do the following: 

 Remember that you can call or message learners via the app at no cost. Your personal contact details (such as email address and phone number) won’t be revealed by using the in-app services.

  1. Open the Drivio Messenger in the app and immediately let the student know you are no longer available by call or message.
  2. Through the Drivio app, reschedule the lesson by selecting a new date and time. The learner will need to confirm any changes.
  3. You can also cancel the lesson if you really need to. If you decide to cancel the lesson, a full refund will automatically be processed to the learner.

Notification of any changes will be sent to both, you and the learner. 

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