I can’t make the lesson, what do I do?

If can’t attend the lesson, you should do the following: 

Call or message learners via the app to let them know. Your personal contact details such as email address and phone number won’t be revealed by using the in-app services.

  1. Open the App and go to the booking. Tap Chat in the app and let the learner know you are no longer available. You also have an option to call the learner directly from Drivio Messenger.
  2. If you wish to reschedule, go to the booking, tap “Reschedule’ and send a new ‘rescheduling offer’ to the learner. The learner should then accept or reject your offer.
  3. As a last resort, you can cancel the lesson. A full refund will be automatically processed to the learner.

NotificNotification of any changes will be sent to both, you and the learner.